How to make a Japanese bracelet ?

Bracelets are an integral part of every individual's attire. So whether you are a man or a woman, bracelets give you more aesthetic appeal, enhance your clothing and make you look more beautiful. Our article here will talk about Japanese bracelets and how to make them.

Materials for making a Japanese bracelet

Bracelets have an important place in Japanese culture, more specifically, Buddhist monks give them great importance and consider them a truly sacred object. Considered also as aesthetic objects that make beautiful, the japanese bracelet also allows the Japanese to dress better.

To make the Japanese bracelets, you need some materials, some materials that are really indispensable for this manufacture. On the one hand, for the Mobidai disc, you need a cardboard or a foam cardboard, a compass and also a pen without forgetting the scissors. On the other hand, for the bracelet itself, you will need 8 strands of 40 cm thread which you will of course have to embroider. Note however that these threads must be of different colours, and you can choose the colours you want. Let's not forget the scotch tape which is a very important and even essential material for the making of the Japanese bracelet. 

The steps to make the Japanese bracelet

To make the Japanese bracelet, you must carefully follow the required steps. First of all, proceed to the manufacture of the Mobidai disc by using cardboard and the compass. The Mobidai disc must have a hole in the middle. Next, cut 8 strands of wire 40 cm long and tie the ends of the wire together. Pass the knot through the hole in the middle of the Mobidai disc and tape it behind the disc. After that, the next step is to place the threads in pairs to form a cross on the disc. Finally, start braiding by regularly turning the Mobidai disc by 1/4. Note, however, that the braiding pattern must be checked.