How to approach a girl in the street without being rejected

Approaching a girl in the street is a rather ambitious alternative of flirting. In order to be able to hold and approach a girl, whatever her temperament, without being rejected, you need to know some relatively simple tricks. Several classic techniques are very well known by the ladies and for this purpose, chances are that you will not be able to achieve your goal by choosing these too ordinary procedures.

Avoid courting her while walking

To succeed in getting a woman's full attention, when you meet her on the street, it is important to keep her still to expose your situation. This prevents you from being treated in a hasty manner. Indeed, it is always preferable that the lady object of your desire stands still. This way, you are more or less certain to have her attention. For that, you can pretext the need for an information or some others in the kind to make her wait.

Introduce yourself quickly enough

When you want to accost a beautiful stranger on the road, it is advisable to be polite and to introduce yourself quickly enough to know at least the name of the beautiful lady. Remember that for such an occasion, polite forms are required. So, you can start with a hello, for example.

Be brief in front of the girl

To succeed in getting the girl interested, we suggest that you always make it clear that you do not intend to take all her time. At this point, it is possible to start by announcing that you just wanted a second. But, keep in mind that when you have trouble getting her interested for a short time, you should turn back so as not to be considered an embarrassment.

Choosing the right timing

When your gaze falls on a girl you desire in the street, it is advisable to look like a nerd. Prioritize a brief conversation and offer to have a drink or coffee with her. In case you fail, ask for another one, but much later in the day.