How can Rangers prepare for the upcoming season?

How can Rangers prepare for the upcoming season?
Table of contents
  1. Analyze current team performance
  2. Perform player transfers
  3. Get physically ready
  4. Tactical planning

Football is a sports activity in which many people are interested today. It's a physical game that revolves around several championships, including various 11-player teams. Indeed, in the Scottish Championship, Rangers FC is one of the best teams in this championship. During the past season, despite the efforts of this team, these players have failed to win this championship. In this article, you will see how Rangers FC can prepare well for the next season.

Analyze current team performance

During this summer, the football team Rangers FC finished the season with 92 points in total. For more information on the Rangers, please click here now. Despite this large number, the season was another season of unfulfilled potential for the Rangers. Indeed, to better prepare for next season, Rangers coach Michael Beale and his staff must thoroughly assess the existing team. 
This implies that they are obliged to analyze the individual and collective performance of each player. Thus, concerning the collective analysis of the players, the combination of certain defenders gave a better defense all season. This is the combination of J. Tavernier, R. Yilmaz and J. Souttar. Also, the Rangers FC team had a better attack this season thanks to the maximum effort provided by its attackers. In truth, only his midfield didn't work well enough.

Perform player transfers

For a good start to next season, the Rangers coach would like several transfers to be made in order to strengthen the team. Given the difficulties encountered by the midfield position of the team, coach Michael Beale would like to register a recruitment. After several analyses, the leaders of the Rangers team have discussed with the Norwich City team the arrival of midfielder Kieran Dowell in Glasgow. 
Rangers chose Dowell to strengthen their midfield for next season because he is a well-experienced Premier League and league player. He has been there since July 1 for a contract that will last three years. Also, Dowell isn't the only player the team wants to bring in. He plans to sign at least five to six players to properly prepare for next season.

Get physically ready

Physical preparation is a crucial aspect that Rangers FC must take into account rigorously. For the physical condition, coach Beale must develop comprehensive training programs to properly prepare his old and new players. Firstly, among the new players, midfielder Kieran Dowell should be treated well given his injury history. 
The defenders and attackers of this club must follow intensive training sessions such as long runs or fast ball games. Also, Michael Beale must ensure that these players master their stadium perfectly in order to always win games at home. Weight training sessions must be followed rigorously in order to help players develop their strength and power.

Tactical planning

Tactical planning is paramount at Rangers FC. For the team to continue to progress and remain competitive against other clubs, it is essential to adapt constantly. This requires a careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the team as well as those of its opponents. The coach must develop effective strategies by taking advantage of the strengths of the players while reducing their vulnerabilities. 
Specific training and match simulations must be implemented in order to perfect tactical plans and strengthen team cohesion. By leveraging each player's strengths, they can create game patterns that maximize the team's collective potential.

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