Health and economy : hand in hand ?

It is recurrent to hear that health is a very important fact in the life of a man. At the same time, the economy also occupies a fairly important place in his life. So, considering these two situations, it would be legitimate to ask ourselves whether the two facts are compatible.

Economic stability promotes physical health

Statistics from certain regions of the world, such as Switzerland, show that people with a more economically stable standard of living have fewer health problems, or find it easier to manage their health concerns. A person's economic status has an impact on their ability to manage their health.

Indeed, as with the statists, it is possible to agree that having money helps to maintain good health. Therefore, it can be partially concluded that economy and health are two facts that go hand in hand; insofar as one can only ensure the maintenance of one's health to the extent of the size of one's bank account.

Health policy and the level of development of a country

According to F. Marty, strong economic growth is an important measure in the fight against the proliferation of diseases in a country. This conception of the economic specialist is quite daring, but it has a certain truth. Indeed, as we have already pointed out, the means available to an individual allow him to maintain good health. In the same way, when a country's level of development is high, the State has more means to set in motion an adequate health policy to ensure the maintenance of its citizens' health.

Clearly, we must recognize that health and economy go hand in hand. It is therefore necessary to have the necessary funds to maintain good health and to take appropriate measures in this sense. When you are poor, it is more difficult to get health care.