Battery netbook : how to choose it ?

Whether they are called laptops, laptops, portables or notebooks, all laptops on the market suffer from the same problem, that of their battery life. Indeed, the netbook batteries used today in most of our mobile devices have reached their limits regarding their size/weight/performance ratio. Read this article so you don’t make a bad choice.

Battery netbook for laptop, the essential accessory

The arrival on the market of Battery netbook accumulators, also called « Power bank » or « external battery » is changing the situation in terms of mobility. When they arrived on the market, these small external batteries were intended solely for recharging mobile phones, or small 5V devices. Go to the site to learn more about battery netbook. Indeed, faced with the explosion in their use, the major brands of external batteries quickly declined their offer of external batteries for laptops. So they worked on much larger capacities. They have also adapted the output voltage of Battery netbook so that it is compatible with a maximum of laptops.

How to choose your netbook battery for laptop ?

In order to choose your external netbook battery for computer, 3 main factors must be taken into account : the autonomy you need, the size you can accept and the compatibility with your notebook. First of all, you must identify your needs in terms of autonomy in relation to the use you make of your laptop. If you need an extra charge or two beyond your computer’s original battery life, a 20,000mAh power bank will do. But if you want to perform large tasks with your PC, you will have to choose an external battery of at least 50000mAh. The second point to consider is how much bulk you can accept. That is, the weight of the battery. For information, a 20000mAh battery weighs around 500g while the weight of a 50000mAh backup battery is around 1kg. So it’s up to you.

Finally, you must check that the netbook laptop battery you want to buy is compatible with your computer. You must therefore rely on Voltage / Ampere compatibility. Also check the compatibility of the connectors supplied with the backup battery. Indeed, each Laptop brand has its own connectors and often each brand equips its own devices with different connectors.